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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
com 1 93.95TRY 93.95TRY 93.95TRY
net 1 118.00TRY 118.00TRY 121.95TRY
org 1 73.00TRY 119.00TRY 122.95TRY
biz 1 150.55TRY 150.55TRY 150.55TRY
info 1 150.55TRY 150.55TRY 154.00TRY
in 1 78.55TRY 78.55TRY 82.55TRY
eu 1 66.95TRY 66.95TRY 70.95TRY
us 1 82.95TRY 82.95TRY 86.00TRY
de 1 74.00TRY 74.00TRY 74.95TRY
ru 1 55.00TRY N/A 56.00TRY
cc 1 100.55TRY 100.55TRY 105.55TRY
nl 1 76.00TRY 76.00TRY 76.00TRY
xyz 1 17.00TRY 97.55TRY 99.55TRY
cn 1 75.55TRY 75.55TRY 79.00TRY
ltd 1 60.00TRY 177.55TRY 180.00TRY
ws 1 229.00TRY 232.00TRY 232.00TRY
la 1 289.00TRY 289.00TRY 293.00TRY
sx 1 279.00TRY 279.00TRY 279.00TRY
nz 1 126.55TRY N/A 126.55TRY
ca 1 129.00TRY 129.00TRY 129.00TRY
bz 1 244.00TRY 244.00TRY 244.00TRY
co 1 234.55TRY 234.55TRY 234.55TRY
tv 1 318.00TRY 318.00TRY 318.00TRY
kim 1 149.55TRY 149.55TRY 149.55TRY
sale 1 250.00TRY 250.00TRY 250.00TRY
site 1 250.00TRY 250.00TRY 250.00TRY
mobi 1 180.00TRY 180.00TRY 180.00TRY
news 1 200.00TRY 200.00TRY 200.00TRY
vip 1 145.00TRY 145.00TRY 145.00TRY
blog 1 236.00TRY 236.00TRY 236.00TRY
app 1 148.55TRY 148.55TRY 148.55TRY
live 1 198.00TRY 198.00TRY 198.00TRY 1 74.00TRY 74.00TRY 74.00TRY
city 1 180.00TRY 180.00TRY 180.00TRY
club 1 152.00TRY 152.00TRY 152.00TRY
cafe 1 250.00TRY 250.00TRY 250.00TRY
estate 1 250.00TRY 250.00TRY 250.00TRY
design 1 416.00TRY 416.00TRY 416.00TRY
online 1 298.00TRY 298.00TRY 298.00TRY
software 1 250.00TRY 250.00TRY 250.00TRY
business 1 74.55TRY 74.55TRY 74.55TRY
academy 1 270.00TRY 270.00TRY 270.00TRY
shop 1 284.00TRY 284.00TRY 284.00TRY